What you thought you know about MDMA

Here are some facts, for the dumb kids out here.

First off, the drug you’re getting “Molly” chances are ISNT EVEN MDMA and could just be a mixture of bath salts, methamphetamines, cocaine, crack, or any other strange mixture of mind altering and serotonin releasing chemicals. The DEA said the purity of Molly is almost a myth because it comes in powder form and can easily be mixed with other drugs, which makes it even more dangerous.

Sommers told Farmer the name “Molly” is just a marketing tool by drug dealers.

 ”Think about the name, Molly. It sounds like the girl next door. It sounds innocent. It sounds pure. It sounds OK,” said Sommers.

Second this drug you’re taking does not come from anywhere, or any plant or anything. It is synthetic, and is part of the amphetamine family, closely connected to Methamphetamines. Molly, or MDMA, is a synthetic drug and is part of the amphetamine family. It is a schedule one substance, which means that it has high abuse potential and has no recognized medicinal use.

 Lastly, but just as importantly there has been NO research done with the DRUGS because of the simple fact of every single batch being chemically different because of whatever hog wash mix of drugs the 5 criminals that have had their hands on it cut it with as well as if it was ever even MDMA in the first place. So if you ever think “I know what this is going to do to me, I’ll be fine” No, you fucking won’t because that’s NOT what you think it is unless it just so happens you live in Canada or Asia and live next door to the guy producing pure MDMA then you’re safe on at least knowing what’s killing you.

Turkey Hams

You know your stoned when you make a sandwich with cheese and what you thought was ham you were enjoying your ham sandwich and your friend mentions that the ham your eating is in fact turkey, and then suddenly in your mouth the flavor of your ham and cheese turns into a turkey and cheese sandwich that is just as delicious but much more confusing.

4.20 Cops

Yesterday on 4.20 me and 3 of my friends were smoking in a garage for a few hours, then some girls came over for an hour all and all smoked around a half in the garage for the second half of our day, anyways the girl’s leave and then I go to open the garage door and as loads of smoke from the last hour’s of smoking billows out into his face. There right in my face is a Police Officer and he goes ”Bad timing huh?” I was like “Not really” because I had just packed up my half ounce of weed and supplies before this piglet got inside of there, then he goes “So I assume you have smoked all the weed”

and at the point me and my buddy are just like what the fuck and nodded,

 ”You know what were really not too concerned about the pot but you have to think about your neighbors here we’ve been getting alot of calls about the smell the whole neighborhood stinks.”

Let every single one of us go, without searches, tickets nothing. High as a kite, the lot of us all just looked dumb founded at these great Police officers.